Meet Rickson

With a unique, disruptive style of consultancy rolled in with a strong client-advisor relationship, I work with my clients to help them make deeper, more secure and sustainable financial decisions. Together, we open up infinite possibilities and potential. At work and beyond work.

Meet Rickson Dsouza back in 2012.

Typical, rapid-rising financial consultant. A workaholic. 12-hour office days, little or no time for anything outside work. A grimace at the thought of time for ‘fitness’ or a vacation, for that matter. At a frightening 130kgs, on a diet of caffeine and grab-n-go meals and the pressure of life in Dubai’s fast lane, Rickson was headed towards a dead end.

At one point, he hit that wall. At age 34, Rickson’s own life insurance policy got rated 100% higher than the average person his age. His poor lifestyle choices had taken him to a morbid 134 kgs.

Now, meet Rickson Dsouza today.

Rickson now works a three-day workweek and blocks out non-negotiable calendar time for family, health and personal development. Over the last year, he trained for and successfully ran the 251km Marathon des Sables. He also travels halfway across the world for strategic life and business coaching every three months, all the while steadily achieving his career and financial goals.

Rickson also competes fiercely at his Crossfit Box on a daily basis, and has a tendency to bring his clients in to train with him in a bid to make them better at life.

His own transformation is a story of grit, challenge and seemingly impossible positive change.

That’s what Rickson brings to every room, table and conversation he is a part of. Thinking beyond just financial consultation, Rickson aims to catalyse true, holistic success for all his clients. He encourages full-potential lives, challenging his peers, clients and loved ones to lead better-than-average lives in every aspect.

The big factors that help Rickson live life full-potential.

Rickson made a structured shift from a 70-hour workweek to a three-day workweek. He now prioritizes family time, time for fitness and personal goals, while crushing all his financial goals, year after year.

A big believer in the power of coaching and mentoring, Rickson has been a part of the famed Strategic Coach program with Dan Sullivan. Rickson believes in constantly learning, pivoting and optimizing his approach to work and life beyond work to produce phenomenal results.

From the Marathon des Sables to the IronMan, Rickson’s fitness journey is packed with extremes. His 60-kilo weight loss and ultra-sporting endeavours make for some great stories of grit, determination, character and commitment.

Rickson headed a 70-agent-strong insurance agency, sold the business, and now operates with his leanest ever team, hitting his largest ever financial targets. Strategy, goal-setting and discipline form the base of his entrepreneurial success.

For a decade now, Rickson has held a seat at the MDRT Top of the Table in the company of the top 1% of financial advisors around the world. He is also an MDRT and Top of the Table speaker.