Work With Rickson

Over 18 years, Rickson has built over 100 client relationships across 40 industries.

He has facilitated over US$400 million worth of Life Insurance for his clients, and advised some formidable business owners and senior executives. Born, raised and Dubai-bred for 35 years, to Rickson, this exceptional city is home ground.

Rickson is driven by one big goal: To be the hero that shows up with a cheque when you need it most.

Being the third-generation of his family settled in Dubai, Rickson's USP is ‘I’m not going anywhere’. In a constantly shifting market, amongst a sea of consultants that come and go, his strength lies in his grounded feet: He’s here to stay.

His approach is rooted in strong, comfortable client relationships, built on a thorough and transparent understanding of his clients’ financial status and their aspirations. His expertise lies in consultation for wealth management, life insurance, education planning, investment and sustainable financial success.

Rickson now handpicks an exclusive clientele of high and ultra-high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs, offering a focused, specialised and personal service in Dubai’s crowded Life Insurance advice market.

His client-servicing approach involves blurring some lines between life at work and life outside work. Rickson forms tight-knit client relationships, and is often seen at the local Crossfit box, knocking out a workout with one of his clients, or bringing together his and his clients’ families for a weekend brunch.

After Rickson exited his insurance brokerage, he focused on identifying what his ‘right-fit client’ looked like.


I’ve known Rickson for over two decades, both as a professional insurance adviser and a good friend.

The catalyst that initiated and continues our engagement is Rickson’s integrity. This is the one attribute that I personally value immensely – particularly where the subject of financial, economic & insurance advice is concerned. You need to be able to count on your adviser to offer you solutions that make the most sense FOR YOU. Rickson has been and continues to be that guy.

He knows everything about insurance and is, more importantly, smart enough to know what he does not. In the rare case that it’s the latter he uses his expansive network to find out.

He brings the same level of integrity and commitment to all aspects of his life – parenting in particular. If you get to know him as a friend, you’ll know he’ll be around when needed. I’ve learnt a lot from Rickson and know that I’ll continue doing that for years to come.

Rickson is honest, straightforward and, he possesses that one rare quality that I love in a good business person – he listens. As a Life Insurance Adviser, Rickson tells it like it is. If the product or service you’re considering is not as good as the brochures say it is, or has flaws (which many do), he will bring it to your notice. I first met Rickson on off-road drives, and quickly realized that he was the person you could rely on in any situation, a valuable quality.

We started off with travel and car insurance and the likes, and found that Rickson and his team go the extra mile when it comes to client servicing, claims and more. Since then, we have purchased life insurance and medical insurance for me, my family and by business.

My greatest comfort in having Rickson handle my Life Insurance is that is, God forbid, anything were to happen to my wife or me, I am assured that Rickson will be there to handle all the bureaucratic paperwork and be there for my family, offering care and support through what would be a difficult time.

Rickson and I go back a long way. We schooled together and then started our careers together back in 1999. Since then, we’ve taken the relation to another level in terms of client and adviser. Rickson has been a highly organised and professional financial adviser. Since the very beginning his deep understanding of his products have made him very reliable. Initially I started to invest speculatively with him, as would most people, but over time my trust in him and his abilities started to outweigh even the friendship we shared.

He is fearless when it comes to recommending something he knows is right, and ensures that he is always upfront about his thoughts. From managing my investment portfolio to helping me move my money between markets, to my retirement plan and my life insurance and critical illness cover, Rickson has made me realise that it helps to have someone covering your back when it comes to money matters.

Though he has now gone on to become a very successful and seasoned professional, his constant endeavor to paying attention to the finer details will set him apart from the rest of the market. He is proactive, energetic and is always ready to suggest the next step. It is for these reasons I believe he has grown so exponentially fast in his career and won the trust of many.

Rickson has been my Financial and Life Insurance adviser for over three years. With his sound business and finance knowledge, he has helped me to centralize my personal finances and to develop and implement my personal long-term financial plans, too.

He quickly analyses relevant information, which allows me to make optimum decisions. Once a decision is made, he has an excellent support team that is speedy and efficient in processing and concluding the paperwork. Rickson’s is also extremely well connected and aware of market movements and opportunities. He has helped me connect with business prospects on several occasions.

He is easy to work with, organized, and has always proved to be ethical, reliable and trustworthy. I am happy to recommend his services to anyone looking for a holistic Wealth Management and Life Insurance adviser.


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