Givers Gain- Networking At Its Best

Givers Gain- Networking At Its Best

Givers Gain- Networking At Its Best

I’m not in a habit of reposting from my Facebook or Instagram account here on Linkedin so please bear with me for this post.

There is a legit reason. For the last 6 months now, I have been part of the BNI Dynamite Chapter and as a team, we have been able to generate immense business for each other. 

The chapter has seemed to come together and has been able to refer potential clients for each other’s business and it only seems to be getting bigger and better. The disclaimer here is certainly “THIS ISN’T FOR EVERYBODY”.

I mean we do begin at 6:30 on a Tuesday Morning. So you really have to be hungry for business to show up that early and be or at least look excited about the prospects. Since we are a new chapter we are open to increasing membership. If you are a business that is looking to grow then I urge you to visit us on one of our sessions. I am happy to get you invited to the meeting. If the category you seek is still available and the group agrees that there is no conflict and that you will be a healthy addition to the chapter, then you’re in. 

The next chapter… 6 months of leading this group of supercharged guys at 6:30 am every Tuesday at our new exciting location. 

If you’re a driven entrepreneur looking to add more to your bottom line or a supercharged executive wanting to add more value to the company you represent in these challenging times then you have to visit one of our Chapter meetings. Referrals passed on are legit and could be great income drivers. Pm me to know more. Most wanted categories coming soon… 

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Meet our Team- Rickson Dsouza, President.

@ricksonjdsouza, who represents the Life Insurance category in our chapter. Rickson works exclusively with high net worth entrepreneurs and individuals and is an avid CrossFitter and Ultra Marathon runner. Earlier this year he even ran the Marathon Des Sables, a six-day, self-sufficient, 251km ultra-marathon through the Sahara. A dad of two wonderful kids, Rickson brings with him a great experience of running a business and a growth mindset. We can’t wait for another prosperous and abundant six months under his leadership and look forward to welcoming him next week.

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