Three Kinds of People that Prep for a Race or for Life- Which One Are You?

Three Kinds of People that Prep for a Race or for Life- Which One Are You?

Three Kinds of People that Prep for a Race or for Life- Which One Are You?

I’ve been an aspiring athlete for 3-4 years now. And a big part of that involves me preparing for races, whether they are runs, swims, or bike rides. When my fitness and business transformation began at the age of 34, my outlook towards my body and business goals was nothing short of a race. Starting from ground zero, I definitely had a long way to go. 

And in having participated in these ‘races’- whether as a parent, athlete, entrepreneur, or advisor, I’ve come to observe that there are three approaches to any kind of race. What distinguishes each category’s ability to finish the race or even succeed at the goal they’ve set out? 

Is it preparation, luck, unwavering intent, or all three? 

As I see it, people tend to fall in either of these three categories. Read on to find out which one you relate to. 

Category 1: Preparing to Prepare 

I learned about this type during my time coaching with Dan Sullivan at Strategic Coach.  

We always come across those people who are constantly making their checklist. These are the people that are constantly trying to get ready to get ready to get ready for something. Feel the drag in that last sentence? That’s how the mindset is for these people, there’s always more to prepare for, and it never ends. There is a lot of analysis paralysis, a lot of questions, and mental computation that eventually leads to confusion and inaction. Nothing ever gets done and there’s always someone else to blame. 

They say they’d like to go ahead with the plan, goal, or outcome. They write it down, they prep, they make plans. Do you know what they don’t do? Take the plunge and act. Really, there’s no intention of ever getting things off the ground. And if there is, they aren’t acting on it. 

Category 2: Unrehearsed, Unplanned, Unready 

The other type of people we see is those that have no clue that the race has even begun. And when I mean race, I mean not necessarily in the context of an athletic race, but in life in general.  

They’re in the middle of a storm in their lives and they do not even realize it. With a lot of overlooked areas in their life, like their personal relationships, family, business, a clouded mind, or just too much on their plate, they don’t make it a priority to organize and prepare for new challenges that come their way. When they do decide on achieving an outcome, they’re oblivious to what it would truly take for them to succeed.  

They’ve got no plan in place, they’ve not thought it through, they’ve not decided what is going to be their next move. They’re taking it as it comes. And in most cases, they’re up shit creek without a paddle. They’re not in a position to deal with the consequences of the situation as it has come on them, because they didn’t anticipate the consequences or plan it. 

Category 3: Meticulously Calculated 

And then there is that third group of people I know who approach things with a plan and absolute intent. They’ve decided what it is they’re going after. They’ve formulated the right plan, they’ve hired the right resources, the right coaches, and the right kind of cheerleaders that can see them through to the finish line.  

And they’ve executed completely. 

So, you’ve got to ask yourself, which of the categories you fall in and whether you’re happy with where you’re at. Does where you are currently work for you? Is there anything in there that you would change? Is there anything about that kind of person that you like or dislike?  

What steps can you take to change to the person you want to be? Is it time for an overhaul of your mindset, social circle, lifestyle, or habits?  

I’d love to know if you think there is another category of people that I may have missed out on. If there is, feel free to comment below. 

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